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New Klimax DSM is the ultimate embodiment of the passion for music which drives everything we do. 

As pioneers in the production of both the highest quality streaming products and award-winning Studio Master recordings, we have a unique understanding of the entire music reproduction process, from the artist's microphone to your ear. Nobody gets closer to the original performance. 

Delivering a breathtaking musical experience from any sound source is in our DNA. New Klimax DSM is designed to reproduce audio to an unprecedented standard, whether that's 24-bit music streamed from a personal collection, a high quality online streaming service such as Tidal or Qobuz, vinyl played on an LP12 turntable or the soundtrack from a movie or game, because it's the quality of sound reproduction that enriches the experience by bringing it to life, no matter what's being listened to.

Grammo are one of only a handful of Linn dealers to have a full Klimax DSM system available for demonstration, complete with the stunning Klimax 350s. Hear it first, with Grammo.

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New Klimax DSM is the pinnacle of extreme engineering, significantly raising the bar and setting a new benchmark in music streaming. Encompassing all our learning and expertise since we pioneered the first hi-fi streamer, Klimax DSM is fully optimised for performance in every way, with an all-Linn originated DAC design combined with a new product design that imbues our meticulous attention to detail and no holds barred approach with every single element, inside and out.

An all-new Linn-designed DAC provides a radical performance breakthrough. Designed without compromise and engineered from first principles, entirely in-house. Our first ever all-Linn DAC design lets us break free from the confines of a third-party silicon chip, allowing us to take full control of the digital to analogue conversion process and enable our most natural sound ever.

An exquisite new enclosure is precision engineered using the finest materials, carefully selected for their individual purpose, and ensuring the utmost protection of the electronics so that every last bit of audio performance is delivered intact. The striking new design takes on a fresh new family look whilst retaining the distinguished and much-loved signature Klimax feel.


Organik DAC is designed without compromise and engineered entirely in-house. The FPGA processing stage and discrete conversion stage are optimised to work perfectly together as a system. This powerful pairing has resulted in our very first all-Linn DAC, allowing us to take complete control of the digital to analogue conversion process. Organik offers significantly lower noise and distortion, measuring better than anything we’ve achieved before, enabling our most natural sound ever.

The all new Linn DAC is the culmination of over 30 years of digital technology expertise, with half of those specifically dedicated to digital streaming. Linn pioneered high performance digital streaming in the hi-fi industry and we’re raising the bar further thanks to this advance in digital conversion technology.

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Linn's customer Trade-In is designed to reward loyalty and show how your product has retained its value over the years. 

Existing Linn customers can trade in their old Klimax DSM or Klimax System Hub and claim the trade-in value of that product off the published price of a new Klimax DSM or Klimax System Hub respectively.