Back in the '90s there were some pioneers, retailers who created an incredible experience for customers buying incredible Hi-fi products. Then, as online sales became more prevalent, the experience dropped away and price became the lead consideration for many - Hi-fi retailing became all about shifting boxes in higher quantities. Service went out the window, the experience of listening to Hi-fi products before making a purchase was replaced by reading online reviews, and customer service excellence was achieved by having a brown box on your doorstep the following morning.

Well, we were around in the '90s...and we loved it. We loved watching someone's face when they listened to an incredible Hi-fi setup. We loved the fact that people were blown away by the sound they experienced, from the service they received, from the pure joy of listening to something differently.

That's why we created Grammo. We're a new, old-fashioned Hi-fi shop and proud of it.



We are proud to be official retailers for Linn, Meridian and Sonus faber and Zuma, some of the world's leading manufacturers of Hi-fi products.

We also source products on request, offer an ever-changing inventory of refurbished equipment as well as a range of unique bespoke products including modernised radiograms and other furniture, and colour-match paint finishing on new or existing equipment.


We are proud to be a new, old-fashioned
Hi-fi retailer. Our first and only priority is your enjoyment of music and that's much better delivered by someone who knows the business, has a passion for music and can tell the difference between a pair of passive and active speakers just by listening to them.

As a protege of one of the world's leading authorities on Linn LP12, and having worked with Ivor Tiefunbrun, and latterly Gilad, at Linn for a number of years, our advice is second to none.


Thrillology is the science of creating pure joy from the most amazing products. Our bespoke projects team have years of experience working with some of the world's most discerning clients, designing integrated systems for homes and yachts around the world.