There are hundreds, if not thousands of Hi-fi brands out there, and you can buy many of them online quickly and easily, without ever having spoken to anyone, or listened to anything. That's progress, of sorts, and it suits some people, but it doesn't suit us and it doesn't often suit our customers. 

At Grammo, we choose to represent only the very best brands, such as Linn, Meridian and Sonus faber, and to do that in the way we used to do it, by demonstrating the product in an environment that feels like home. We do that by encouraging you to bring your own music, to indulge a little and devote some time to the experience, to relax and enjoy it. Like you would at home. Because that's where the magic happens.


Linn have a simple belief that "Music makes life better" and with 50 years of history creating, some of the world's finest Hi-fi products, including the iconic LP12 turntable, we wholeheartedly agree


Meridian has always challenged convention. For more than forty years, they have pushed boundaries, disrupted norms and delivered products that have shaped our industry and redefined how people experience sound


Sonus faber has spent over 35 years refining old-world technique and incorporating cutting-edge technology into their loudspeaker designs, known throughout the world for their physical and sonic beauty.